Texas Carbine is the most popular shooting club in Corpus Christi and we offer monthly Tactical Carbine and 3Gun matches as well as regular 3GN style Shotgun matches at the Starry range. Our goals are to provide a safe and challenging shooting experience and to do our best to ensure that everyone has a good time.


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** STARRY **
September 9th
August 18th
August 26th

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Our first Texas Carbine rifle match at our new home, Corpus Christi Pistol and Rifle Club (CCPR&C) is finally in the books. After being rained out last month and it looked ominous on Saturday for this month’s match, we had 34 shooters attend the match and all I can say is we were very happy with the winds.  Even though the winds played havoc with our props that match was very successful.  Maytag had 5 very fun stages and every shooter had fun. 

Our next match will be on Saturday, August 18th at Starry Gun Range.  This will be NRL22 match.  Our first NRL22 match in July had a great turnout and we hope for similar results this month.  It is a very different style of shooting so if you want to see what its all about come on out.  HAL9000 will even loan his rifle if you would like to shoot, all you need to do is pay for ammo, which he will have on hand.

We will be opening the Pirates of Texas State Carbine Championship registration on Saturday, September 1st.  This year the match will be held in our new home at CCPRC.  It promises to be a very good match with a surprise stage once again.  There may even be a couple of other surprises in store at the match.

We will be holding our TC Yutes Team meeting for 2018-2019 on Saturday, September 1st at 10:00 AM at Ready Reserve.  Watch our TC Yutes Shooting Team Facebook page for more details.


Some Match Videos
Pirates 2018 Pirates 2017 Video 2 Video 3 Video 4 Video 5 Video 6

Video 7 Terry P 1 Terry P 2