Texas Carbine is the most popular shooting club in Corpus Christi and we offer monthly Tactical Carbine and 3Gun matches as well as regular 3GN style Shotgun matches at the Starry range. Our goals are to provide a safe and challenging shooting experience and to do our best to ensure that everyone has a good time.

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November 13th
November 27th

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It was a great day at the range with 5 fun all steel stages. We had a good turnout and great weather.  Welcome to our new shooters Ken A. and Billy G.  We hope you enjoyed the match and we look forward to shooting with you again.

We are happy to announce that Pirates of Texas Carbine Championship is a go for 2017.  The theme this year is Pirates vs Killer Clowns.  We will be using PractiScore this year for sign up.  You will still need to snail mail your match payment.  Once we receive your payment you will get an email via PractiScore letting you know we have received your payment and you can then select your squad.  Squading will be first come first served.  We are limiting the match to 155 shooters, staff will shoot on Saturday and we will have around 10 open spots for Saturday.  On Sunday, we will have 7 squads with 15 shooters max on each squad.  Also for Sunday we will have a food truck instead of the box lunches, we will provide each paid shooter their lunch ticket.  The food truck will be there early in the morning selling breakfast tacos also.  Application for Pirates 2017 will open on the November 1 with a $25.00 discount for paid entries before January 1st.  There will be some new props and targets for Pirates this year and we will be debuting them during our monthly matches to ensure they are working.  HINT:  One is a 9 plate Texas Star.  More Pirates information will be posted on our Forum.

Next match Sind Zu is the stage designer and we are sure he will have some cool stages.  Also we will need extra help as several of our setup crew will be on a hiatus.


Some Match Videos
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