Texas Carbine is the most popular shooting club in Corpus Christi and we offer monthly Tactical Carbine and 3Gun matches as well as regular 3GN style Shotgun matches at the Starry range. Our goals are to provide a safe and challenging shooting experience and to do our best to ensure that everyone has a good time.

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May 13th

April 21st

April 22nd

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Texas Carbine Steel Match Reminder

Our monthly TC tactical match is Sunday, April 22nd, at Starry Gun Range. It will consist of five original stages and it will be all Steel targets. The round count is 100 with no misses and the match will be pistol and rimfire friendly.

Registering in advance definitely helps with sIign-up plus it allows us to email you quickly if anything changes. So, we would very much appreciate it if you would pre-register. We are limiting the match to 75 guns and you can sign-up to shoot 2 guns with the understanding that we may have to limit the 2nd gun if we have a lot of single gun shooters sign-up.

As always, the stages on match day may vary slightly from those you see online so please, read the stage descriptions in the Practiscore app on the tablet closely on match day to avoid confusion and thanks in advance.

If you have questions, please see our FAQ Page and if the answer isn't there Email Us.

The weather forecast looks like typical South Texas weather this week, the weekend promises to be warm and breezy with Sunday having a high of 81, heat index of 83 and less than 7% chance of precipitation.  Texas Carbine will have ice water on hand, ensure you stay hydrated.

Again, as always, any help with set up on Saturday would be greatly appreciated and you will get a $5 discount on the match fee.  Please come out and help.

We have modified our divisions to make it simpler to choose.

OPTIC = Any optic magnified 2x or greater or has variable magnification
IRON = Any non-magnified optic (Red Dot) or open sights
OPEN = Anything goes, all will compete no matter type of rifle, pistol or shotgun.

Stages will be posted below and on Practiscore.

Standard Texas Carbine Match Times:

Breakfast (Taqueria Jalisco - Wooldridge/Cimarron) at 0800
Out to the range around 0930

Breakfast (Taqueria Jalisco - Wooldridge/Cimarron): 0730
Out to the range around 0830
Sign-up: 0900
Shooter's Mtg: 1000

Tactical Matches - 2nd Sunday at Starry
TC Steel Matches - 4th Sunday at Starry
Tactical Shotgun & 3Gun Matches - Quarterly
Pirates of Texas Carbine Championship - Annual Major Match (February)



Some Match Videos
Pirates 2018 Pirates 2017 Video 2 Video 3 Video 4 Video 5 Video 6

Video 7 Terry P 1 Terry P 2