2015 NEWS


WOW what a day! GREAT weather and a helluva turn out with 49 guns! I guess it was worth rescheduling the match after the rain out.

Welcome to our newest shooters;, Chris T., Drew G., and Scott G. We certainly hope you enjoyed yourselves and will want to come back and shoot with us again in the future.

We did have some problems again with the active targets but rest assurred, we'll be working on solving them in time for our Pirates match on the 21st of February. Speaking of which, the deadline for the discounted Pirates match fee is December 31st so if you want to save a few bucks, get those applications in to us.

Thanks to everyone who joined us today, a special thanks to everyone who helped us get the stages put back together this morning and for sure a big thanks to those who stayed to help us stow the props. It was definitely a long day and I know everyone was tired.

So in closing, Texas Carbine would like to wish each and every one of you a safe, healthy and happy holiday season and we will have our 3Gun match on the 27th.


It figures, a whole week of nice weather and then just the opposite on the weekend. So unfortunately, we have to cancel once again as the range is too wet to be safe for shooting.

However, we have decided to reschedule the match for next Sunday, December 20th and we'll send out that match announcement mailgram around mid-week.


05 DEC - What a gorgeous day for shooting, Mother Nature was nice to us for a change which allowed us to have a makeup day for last weekend’s rain out. Twenty guns joined us today with a few new shooters, Tom Y. and Dan B., thanks for coming out and hope you enjoyed the match.

Next weekend is Carbine and as of this writing, the weather forecast looks great so hope many of you can join us for that match.

Also a reminder that Pirates apps are available on the Pirates Website and the deadline for the discounted match fee is the end of the month so get ‘em in.

A HUGE thanks to those few folks who stuck around today and helped us pick up a couple tons of steel and stow it. That was above and beyond the call of duty and we REALLY appreciate it.

The scores are posted in the Pistol section...


When Mother Nature is nice to you, it’s a wonderful thing and she sure was nice to us today. Talk about PERFECT weather for a match...WOW! Most of us at TC didn’t think we’d be able to shoot after all the rain we got on Saturday but after the cold front came through, the winds picked up, the humidity dropped, and good ol’ Starry dried up wonderfully.

A big thanks to everyone who joined us today, 52 guns in all, and thanks to those who helped run the tablets and RO for us. We would also like to thank those who showed up VERY early today and helped make the match possible. And welcome to the fairly large number of new shooters, we hope you had fun and will want to join us again in the future.

The scores are posted and there were some really fast times so congrats to those who did well.

The next match is 3Gun on November 22nd and we will be doing another Pro Steel match on the fifth weekend, November 29th.

We’re so glad that so many of you were able to join us today, your support means everything to us and we hope each and every one of you enjoyed the match.


Hoorayyy, the rain didn't get us! Amazing and it actually looked dicey this morning but the day turned out to be hot and humid. Nonetheless, we had a really fun match with 22 shooters.

And as we always do, we like to welcome our new shooters; Doug P., and Trey O were our first timers today. Glad to have you guys and hope you had a good time.

A BIG thanks to SkyGod and Sin Zu for designing the stages, which were excellent and, for their hard work doing the Saturday set up not to mention tear down today. Thanks also to those who stuck around to help us stow the props.

The match was followed by a large gathering at J.P. Bombers where we had some enormous and very tasty burgers. Good place, we'll be back.

Reminders as above, Carbine on Oct 11th and 3Gun on October 25th.


Well Mother Nature did it again; we got in most of two of stages before a downpour rolled over the range. We bagged the targets and tried to wait it out but when we had small rivers running through the bays, we called the match as conditions had become unsafe. Accordingly, we will give everyone who shot today a $10.00 discount off their next match.

We had quite a number of new shooters today with a total of 44 guns signed up. Also a big thanks to Corey for his help setting up on Saturday even before he ever shot a match with us. Another big thanks to Randy B. for his help on Saturday.

Next weekend is three gun and if you can help set up on Saturday, Skygod and R2 really need your help because three of our core group are going to be out of town supporting the Rio Grande Shooters at their Brownsville Police Christmas fund raiser match.

Also, if you find yourself without something to do on Tuesday, come join Nightmare and Maytag at the range as we get to tear down and stow all the props from today. Check the website for time.

As always, a big thanks to everyone who joined us today, such a large showing really tells us we’re doing the right things and we look forward to seeing you all again soon.


Was it hot again? Oh, yeah. But we managed to get through pretty rapidly and I don't think anyone suffered from Heat Stroke.

We had a bunch of first-time shooters today: Alex L., Darwin K., Trevor S., Phil U., Katie U., and Josh E. We REALLY appreciate your interest in Texas Carbine and we hope to see you again soon..thanks for coming.

The stages were challenging for sure and it's nice to have new cool props to make them even more interesting. We're always on the lookout for props we think everyone will like.

REMINDER 1: Don't forget, we're switching weekends on our schedule. Starting with the September matches, the schedule will be:

2nd Weekend: Carbine

4th Weekend: 3Gun

5th Weekend: Optional

REMINDER 2: This being a five-Sunday month, we will be hosting a "Pro Steel" match on August 30th. It will be of course, all steel, and the stages will be PAR time with a number of falling plates. The last stage will be a "shoot off" stage where you have a fixed number of plates and your score will be the time it takes to knock them all down. Should be fun AND, get us off the range pretty early so come out and join us.

Thanks to all those who hung around to tear down their last stage and especially those who stayed until we had it all put away.

That is all..


Thanks to everyone who came out today for our 3-Gun match and especially those who helped set up Saturday.. Ben 1, Brass Catcher, Billy Carbine, EWG, HAL9000, Nightmare, Maytag, SkyGod, Rod H, “Not Last” and Are Too. We surely appreciated the help, guys.

Fun time today and, we were done and put away before 2pm which was great as most everyone was fried.

An Extra Match - As August has a fifth Sunday, we are going to do a variation of Pro Steel. We will have five courses of fire with four having a fixed time with more targets than you can knock down. So, your score on those stages is how many steel you can knock over. The fifth stage is how fast can you knock over all the steel (not as many as the other stages). Your time on that stage will serve as a tie breaker. For this match you pick your gun: pistol, shotgun, rim fire rifle, or rim fire pistol. You pick and you will compete against only those other shooters with your style of firearm. This match will be quick to set up, quick to shoot, and most importantly, quick to take down and put away.

Big announcement! We are changing our schedule starting in September and will be moving the Carbine match to the second Sunday and the 3-Gun to the fourth Sunday.

So don't forget to make a note on your calendars.


It's time again for 3GUN!!! Yep, Sunday's match will be brought to us by R&R Designs once again with four original stages and one 3GN Classifier. Round count-wise, 75 Rifle, 75 Pistol, and 70 Shotgun (#6 or smaller, lead only) should easily be enough for the match. The reason we can't give an exact count is because Rick and Roy have been getting trickier with their designs and many of the stages on Sunday will have the shooter choose which gun(s) to shoot and that of course will make for a variety of match round counts.

The link above will take you to the electronic registration for this match and believe me, you'll be doing everyone a BIG favor if you sign up electronically. It REALLY speeds up the sign-in process on Sunday morning. Thanks in advance.

It's gonna be very hot and humid so bring plenty of hydration and use what little shade you can find as often as possible. Heat Stroke is nothing to fool around with.

Hope you can make it...


I know we've complained about the heat many times before but today..holy @#$% it was hot! Fortunately, the stages made up for the discomfort, they were all fun as well as challenging, and even with 38 guns, it went smoothly.

We would like to thank Bill C. , Nelson P. , and Darell H. for coming all the way up from The Valley to shoot (and have post match chow) with us. They also stayed until all the props were stowed but then, they know all too well how tough it can be to put on a match like today in heat like this. Anyway, good to see you guys.

Finally, thanks to all the shooters who joined us today, we truly appreciate your support.

And last, but not least, a reminder for our 3-Gun match on August 2nd.


The TC Gang


We’d like to wish each and every one of you a belated Happy Fourth of July. Pretty important holiday when you get right down to it.

OK..we had a breeze so we had that goin’ for us BUT, it sure didn’t cool us down much.

Fourteen shooters started out refreshed and ready to shoot four original, and one 3Gun Nation Classifier.

Hope all of you enjoyed the FREE dermabrasion compliments of the wind in Bay 4, I know we did. (NOT)

A BIG thanks once again to SkyGod for his stages and hard work, props to R2 as well for his stage. And of course, thanks to everyone for helping tear down the stages today.

Now that we are in the midst of the hottest part of the summer, we caution you to bring lots of fluids to stay ahead of the dehydration curve.

And finally, I guess we’ll mention the next match which will be Carbine on the 14th and remember, heat is still better than, “Cancelled due to rain.”


Get Ready!  This July 5th is our monthly 3-Gun Match!  It will consist of 4 original courses of fire, and one 3Gun Nation Classifier, (Long Run 2).

The stages will have options on how you can shoot them, so your round count could vary. You should be safe with 65 rifle, 65 pistol, and 60 birdshot #6 or smaller, lead shot only.  The dog days of summer are upon us, be sure and bring plenty of fluids to stay hydrated.  Stages will be fast and fun and posted on the TC Forum coming soon.  Let all your friends know, the more the merrier!

The Practiscore link for pre-registration is above and match day sign in will be 9:30am, hammer down at 10:00am.

Hope to see you on the range.

21 JUN - Happy Fathers Day to all you fathers and thanks to everyone who came out to challenge our five courses of fire, two of which featured brand new action targets.  We had 37 guns braving the heat to join us. 

It was hot enough that Maytag is considering moving the next couple of matches to Hell for cooler conditions.  Well maybe he will just make the stages a little quicker until the weather cools. 

Next match is 3Gun on July 5th so come on out. 

Thanks to Rod, Skygod, El Whitemore, and HAL9000 who came out Saturday to help Nightmare and Maytag setup and, thanks to everyone who stayed to take down and put away the props.


MAN it was hot today! Whew...could have been July or August, or at least it seemed that way. So...

Our second trial 3Gun match went extremely well despite the heat with twenty-one shooters who opted to shoot with us. Among those were, as usual these days, new shooters..namely, Lucas F., and Cody M. Do hope you both had a good time and have caught the fever so you’ll join us again in the future.

Of course, thanks to Rick and Kim L. for all their preparation work not to mention elbow grease work at the range setting up yesterday. A thank you out to R2 for his stage contribution. And finally, a big TC “THANKS” to all who joined us today, we very much appreciate your support.

Our next match will be Carbine on Sunday, June 21st which is also Father’s Day. Those of us who have been doing this sort of thing for a few years know there are those ladies out there who want their hubbies/daddies to stay home on Father’s Day while there seem to be an equal number of better halfs that want their hubby to do what HE wants on Father’s Day. So...we really do understand and if you can join us, great.

That’s it from us...


Well our decision to change the match date for this week only, worked out very well and we had 54 guns come out to challenge five all steel stages.  Thanks to everyone who shot with us today and a big Texas Carbine welcome to our new shooters. 

Another big thanks to those who helped set up Friday and those who stayed to put things away today after the match.  Also, a TC thanks to Kim for handling sign up.

Remember next weekend is 3Gun and we would like you to sign up on line to reduce the workload on Sunday morning. Use the link above and thanks in advance.

Congratulations to Chloe H and her whuppin up on her old dad.  Way to go Chloe.

Thanks again to everyone who continues to support us...it really means a lot.


Unfortunately, Mother Nature got us again with all the rain we had today. The range probably got the same amount as we did here up the road which was 2.25 inches. That on top of the nearly two inches we had earlier in the week and the four inches the week before, there's no way we can set up and shoot the match in those muddy and slippery conditions.

Let's hope for better weather luck at the Shotgun match on, SATURDAY, May 30th.

07 MAY - We will be holding our quarterly shotgun/pistol match on SATURDAY MAY 30th. This will allow any shooters who choose to shoot the USPSA match on Sunday at CCP&RC a chance to get in a little pistol practice the day before. Yes, our match is advertised as a shotgun match but it will be all steel at pistol/shotgun distances so you can shoot either type of gun.

An all-steel match is ALWAYS a lot of fun and we hope many of you can make it.

03 MAY - What a spectacular day for shooting and for our 3Gun match. It looks like the dark cloud over the Corpus shooting sports may have finally passed.

Anyway, we had 32 intrepid souls come out to play at our first 3Gun trial match designed by R&R designs. R&R both put in a LOT of time creating the courses of fire and setting up those stages and we want to thank them both very much. As we mentioned previously, we’re going to try out 3Gun on our previous pistol match weekend for six months and if the interest is there, we’ll make it permanent. So please, PLEASE make yourselves be heard and give us your opinions on the subject.

Among those 32 folks were: Randall G., Chip M., Jeff B., Dan W., and Fred P. All five of these were new TC shooters and one of them had never shot a competitive match in his life. Even more impressive is that Fred came all the way from McAllen, Tracy was also from the Valley, and Dan drove all the way from Houston to shoot our match! Many thanks to all of you for your interest in Texas Carbine and we hope we lived up to your expectations.

The Kindle tablets worked well once again and we hope those of you who were partial to styluses in another life, felt at home with those we picked up for the tablets. You can thank HAL9000 for those. (Thanks, Hal.)

PractiScore also didn’t let us down and the scores for the match were posted by 3:30pm.

Our next match will be normal Carbine on the 17th and it looks like we might be cooking up an all-steel shotgun match for the 5th Sunday in May which is the 31st. Stand by for details.

OK, thanks again to the small, regular group who joins us on Saturday for set up. That is without a doubt the single largest amount of volunteer help we get and it is appreciated tremendously. Of course, thanks to those who tore down their own stages and to those who helped store the props.

See ya next time...


As we mentioned recently, Texas Carbine is getting back into the 3Gun business in a big way thanks to the generosity of Rick L. who will be the MD for our now monthly matches.

Our first match will be Sunday May 3rd and it will consist of four original courses of fire plus one 3 Gun Nation classifier. We believe Texas Carbine has established itself as a club with experienced and dedicated staff that provide original and challenging courses of fire at all our matches.

So, come shoot with us on May 3rd and have a fun time with Rick's great stages which you will be able to view on our Forum once they are finalized

Match Registration is now open for the 3rd and we ask that you please sign up electronically as it helps us tremendously, especially during sign up.

Also be sure to put the first Sunday of the month on your calendar, this will replace our monthly pistol-only match for the next six month trial period as we determine the level of interest.

Additionally, to get the latest TC info, please sign up for our mailing list and we would also love to have you join our forum so you can receive all our match announcements and be able to preview stages before match day.

We hope you will join us on May 3rd.


Happy Easter everyone! Twenty-one shooters came out for our Easter Blast including one new competitor, Alex D., a big TC Welcome to Alex and hope to see you soon. Also welcome back to John H. who has been MIA since Pirates 2014. Don’t stay away so long, John.

Today’s stages featured a blend of paper and steel including our new pop-up targets which were very popular. Please note, no bunnies or chicks were harmed in the shooting of this match. :-)

Next match is Carbine on April 19th, please come out and join us.

This coming week, marks the one-year anniversary of the passing of our best friend, Terry “Spider” Panknin. Please take a moment on the eighth to remember him, we still can’t believe he’s gone.

Today was the last match for Gord “Hercster” T. before his trek back to the Great White North, eh? :-) Safe trip, Gord and we’ll have good thoughts for Myrna’s surgery.

Thanks to those who helped tear down today, it went very quickly.


A few but proud shotgunners showed up to challenge five, fun scattergun stages. Weather was great and even the windy conditions didn’t cause a problem. Next time we have a shotgun match though, we’ll try and give you notice of it a bit sooner.

Next match is Easter Sunday, April 5th, so if you’re not making your annual trip to church or, if you go early, come out and shoot some tactical pistol with us. We will be testing our new pop up targets and bi-directional mover.

Thanks to everyone who helped with set up on Saturday and for those who stayed after the match to help tear down.

Oh, next time you see Diesel, ask to see the tire tracks.

Scores were up by 3:30pm, pretty good considering we don’t use PractiScore. <g>

Seeya next time,


We thought it was a great day to shoot some carbines and and a whole bunch of other shooters, (54 as a matter of fact,) thought the same thing so they joined us to challenge five courses of fire.

Welcome to our new shooters; Art M., Orlando G., Joe M., Andrew C., Gian A., and Forester C., we are glad to have you with us and hope you come out again real soon.

It was nice to get back into the usual monthly match routine after all the work associated with Pirates. The weather couldn’t have been better and even with five squads, the entire match ran evenly and smoothly causing virtually no bottlenecks anywhere.

Oh yes, we want to thank Thunder for the modification to our Rick&KB ramp, it is unique for sure and we might even have to change the name of it to, Thunder Ramp. <big grin> We also want to thank Karl for the match entertainment in the form of a “hot brass” dance. We’re told it’s even on video so you may see it floating around the Web. <bigger grin>

Scores were up by 6:00pm, not bad and..

Finally, March is a a five-Sunday month so break out your scatter guns for some shotgun fun on the 30th. Haven’t done the stages yet but round count should be under 100.

Thanks to everyone who joined us today and a very special thanks to those who came out on Saturday and Sunday morning to help us. Ditto to those who hung around to help us stow the props. Believe me, that is a huge help for us and we truly appreciate it.


Put up two photo galleries in the PIX&VIDS menu..one for competitors and one for staff. A HUGE thanks to Jessica for handling the match photography this year!

19FEB15 - The thank you's and comments from the TC Staff...

From Maytag:

Wow what a trip, all of the months of prep, great weather, staff, and shooters made for a super match, and It was a fitting tribute of our dear friend "Spider". What made me smile most was "Spider Too" Jake Pankin brought "Spider" out in his new home a very cool ammo can which even had a spider painted on it. During the Saturday staff shoot both Spiders cruised with me in my buggy. Sunday "Spider" stayed in the stat shack to make sure Hal 9000 and Sal 9000 computed the scores correctly. He was also watching over the prize table. Speaking of which our Match Sponsor Alamo Tactical provided us with a FN SCAR Rifle and a very custom Glock pistol, and from our Gold Sponsor, Dreadnaught Industries, we received an unbelievable AR-15.

The best part of the match for me and also for Spider Two was the prize drawing. I was telling everyone we had some caps to give away so when his ticket was called first he thought he got his choice of caps, imagine how he felt when we told him he had is choice of the table not just a cap. Well he choose the FN SCAR because they had laser engraved a spider and the match title on the receiver, how cool was that?

As for the match itself all of the props worked great and the stages provided a challenge to everyone. The hands down favorite was Hal 9000's stage 6 and the stage most cursed was my stage 4. Just because of the pesky pallet stack several people threatened to burn down my house if I didn't burn the pallet stack. As always R2 Design (Justin Credible and R2,) kept their tradition of a prize for anyone who ran their stage clean. In years past they gave away a box of once fired primers, or a new car (hot wheel). This year's surprise was a DQ but it was the good kind, the kind where you get a Blizzard. So this year if you shot the stage one for one you got a short scare when they told you that you were DQ'd then they gave you a gift card to Dairy Queen.

Thanks to everyone for making the 2015 Terry "Spider" Panknin Memorial Classic best ever Pirates of Texas Carbine Championship.

From HAL9000:

We could not have asked for better weather for the 2015 Pirates of Texas Carbine Championship. Except for one brief rain shower the weather was great. We had 128 shooters participate this year. The stages were very fun and challenging. You could hear the steel ringing all over the range. The stage designers are already planning their evilness for next year.

We would like to thank all of our sponsors who made the prize table awesome. Our main match sponsor was Alamo Tactical and they provided a custom built FN Scar rifle and a customized Glock 41 pistol. Our gold sponsor was Dreadnaught Industries and they provided a customized AR15. The handguard looked very cool with their logo engraved on both sides. It was even a battleship grey color when they finished customizing it.

We would like to thank all of our staff who helped run the match. They did a superb job of keeping everything flowing smoothly. Our photographers took a lot of pictures that we will post over the next week. Scoring went very well.

We would like to thank all of our shooters who came out. It was great to see all of you and we look forward to seeing you again next year.

From Nightmare:

The 4th annual Pirates of Texas Carbine Championship is in the books and we hope everyone enjoyed the match. Fortunately, Mother Nature was kind to us once again and the weather was nearly perfect.

The scores are posted and congratulations to all those who received trophies. In many cases there were only a few seconds between competitors. There is also a PDF version of the scores as well which can be easily downloaded then viewed or printed.

There are too many staff to thank individually but as was mentioned at the match, we simply could not put on an event like this without your dedicated support so please accept our sincere thanks for helping make this match such a huge success.

Finally, thanks to all our sponsors and to all the shooters for choosing to attend this year. We had many, many compliments throughout the day which of course makes us feel good but more importantly, those comments are our way of determining how well we did and I think it is safe to say we got a lot of things right this time.


In preparation for our Pirates of Texas Carbine Championship on the 15th, Texas Carbine will be having a "range cleanup day" this Saturday, February 7th at Starry. We plan to be at the range about 9am and pick up any trash in the bays, empty the trash cans, mow and trim the areas that need it, and get the Starry pavilion ready for the match.

So, if any of our local shooters would like to lend a hand, it would be greatly appreciated. Be sure and bring a pair of work gloves, bug spray and if you can, your trimmer (aka weedeater,) pruning shears, chain saws, rakes, brooms, etc., and that too will be very much appreciated.

Then the next day, Sunday the 8th, we will have a "target painting" day where we will paint all the match targets and organize them in bags for both Saturday shooters, and two sets for Sunday shooters. As of this writing, we're not sure if we will do this at the range or at Casa Nightmare, but if you're interested in giving us a hand, email us at:


and we'll let you know when and where for Sunday.

Thanks in advance,

The TC Gang



Holy smoke it was a nice day! I think we all got a little early sunburn, too. Nonetheless, it was definitely a wonderful day for shooting and speaking of which..

We had 38 people bring 44 guns to the match today and considering it was Super Bowl Sunday, we think that's doing mighty good.

The testing of our Pirates pseudo stages went very well also with lots of good comments on HAL9000's stage. We also learned that painting the plate racks black doesn't go well with the afternoon sun and a dirt berm background so we'll probably go back to white on those. However, everyone seemed to like the orange and black combo on all the other steel so we think we'll stick with that for those.

A really big thanks to those individuals who found the time to join us for set up on Saturday. With one entirely new stage and a few others that were quite involved to set up, we sure needed the help and we appreciate the volunteers who gave us a hand.

Also a big thanks to those who came early today to help us with final prep and of course, a big, big thanks to the large number of shooters who hung around to help us tear down the stages and stow the props.

OK, just two weeks until our Pirates match and we only have a handful of slots left so if you think you'd like to join us, definitely go to the match website, Piratesoftexasmatch.com, and download the application. Then, fill it out but before you mail it, call HAL9000 at 774-7317 so you can give him your name, division, etc., which will allow him to get you in the database quicker for meal calculations and label printing. Then, run don't walk, to the Post Office and get your app and check in the mail VERY soon.

We hope you all enjoyed the match today and, we hope to see a whole lot of you at Pirates in two weeks. I (Nightmare) think it may be our best Pirates match to date and that's saying something.


WHAT A DAY! Not only was the weather PERFECT for shooting but, we had SIXTY-TWO guns come out and join us!!! Even better, we had FIFTEEN new shooters! All we could say was WOW and that is a new turnout record for TC and we couldn’t be happier! So, without further adieu..

Welcome to our new shooters: Nick G., Timothy P., Jason O., Genn A., Franklin M., Steve G., Wade H., Oscar S., Carl T., Sharon G., Maurice G., Ashley G., Gus V., Bryan G., and Jason B. Thank you all SO much for your interest in Texas Carbine and we certainly hope to see you all again in the future.

Also, a big Bravo Zulo to Phil Z., for his unbelievable job of trimming away the weeds in Bay 3 and Bay 6. Thanks a million, Phil.

As was the case last month, we had a chance to test out facsimiles of a few of our Pirates stages and for the most part, that went well. However, we did encounter some issues that we will fix in time for the match and after all, that’s the purpose of testing stages as we do.

Speaking of Pirates, we are rapidly approaching application cutoff so if you haven’t as yet signed up, it would be smart to do so soon.

Scores were up by 7pm which, considering the huge number of shooters, is doing pretty good.

Note: A black jacket was left in Nightmare’s cart so if it was yours, email him via the contact address above.

Just a reminder...there will not be a pistol match on February 1st but rather, another carbine match as we still need to do a little more testing of Pirates stages. So, that will be your last chance to get a peek at something very similar at our Pirates match on February 15th.


What a wonderful way to start out the New Year...great weather...really fun stages...and a new, all-time record number of shooters! All told we had SIXTY-ONE GUNS! Obviously, we were both surprised and ecstatic but we managed to put together four equal squads and all four seemed to move at the same pace as we never had a bottleneck. Plus, Maytag and Co. have been able to get all the electronic active targets working almost perfectly so they should be in good shape for Pirates.

Welcome to our new shooters, Andre M., Steven R., Daniel T., and Peter P. We certainly hope you had fun and enjoyed the match and that we’ll see you at future matches as well.

A big thanks to The Valley contingent for coming all the way to join us today...Bill C., Darrell H., Bobbi H., and Jason S.

PractiScore recently updated the software and somehow, they changed the times on Targets Not Engaged to a whopping 210 seconds. Unfortunately, once a match is created, we can’t edit those times so we think we’ve come up with a solution that will make all concerned happy. For every TNE earned today, we are changing that to (2) TNH’s, the times for which were not affected by the software update. So, your times will be accurate, they just won’t show any TNE’s.

We still have some slots open for the Pirates match so if you’re thinking about it, now is the time to get us an application. The cutoff date for receiving a free match t-shirt is January 15th and that is also the last day for cancellation requests.

As we’ve mentioned previously, all our monthly matches prior to Pirates will be Carbine matches and those will be on January 24th and February 14th.

As always, a huge thanks to those how came out on Saturday to help set up the match and thanks to everyone who hung around today to help us tear down and stow the props.

Scores are posted.


To ring in the New Year with a BANG, twenty-guns got together to challenge five stages, three of which had some form of moving target. Welcome to our new shooters: Megan C. and Michael S., we certainly appreciate your interest in Texas Carbine and hope we’ll see you again soon.

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching which means only six weeks until the Pirates of Texas Carbine Championship. We’re filling up, but there are still some slots left, so if you’re interested, go to the match website, piratesoftexasmatch.com, and fill out an application. Also, the deadline to receive a free t-shirt with your match is January 15th.

Scores were up by 5pm which is pretty good considering a long lunch at Niko’s and, only HAL9000 and Nightmare were available for doing the scores.

Reminder: We will not have a pistol match in February but rather, our next two matches will be carbine, and the dates are on the main page of the club website.

We hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas and that all of you have a safe, happy, and healthy New Year in 2015.